Dr. Draino

Blocked Drain

If you get a blocked drain or have any drainage problems, you may find it difficult to flush your toilet or notice that dirty, nasty, smelly waste water drains away very slowly or worse it can come back up from the toilet or sink, flooding your property.

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Immediate action may not only save the hassle of flooding or foul smell, it can mean less work for your local plumber to fix the problem and consequently low cost to fix the drain or sewer blockage problem.

Blocked Toilet

Nobody gets a good feeling if the toilet is blocked. The toilet fills up with a dirty smell everywhere. If you see your toilet is slow and taking longer than before to clear then be assured your toilet is blocked or about to block soon.

Toilet blockage is mainly caused by things that are not suitable to recycle through the system. It happens in daily life, we may flush tissues or hand towels and this blocks up the toilet. 

A blocked toilet is such a place where we advise not to practice any DIY process.

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Blocked Sewer

A blocked sewer is most noticeable when smelly water or sewage is seeping out of waste gulleys or manhole covers. These will indicate that you have a blocked sewer at your property.

There are many causes of blockages. Common causes are :

  • tree roots growing into the pipes
  • a build up of soap or grease deposits
  • disposable nappies
  • face wipes
  • hand towels etc.

If you are suffering from a blocked sewer and looking for a company to unblock your sewer Dr.Draino can help.

Blocked Pipe

A Blocked Pipe can occur when normal flow gets interrupted and causes overflow. The result is a flood in your house with dirty water.

A pipe can be blocked for various reasons :

  • In-house pipes mainly get blocked for kitchen waste
  • grease
  • hair
  • tree roots etc. 

Time by time waste material gathers in the pipe and reduces its surface. And at last it totally stops the flow..

There are some other reasons that may cause your pipes to become blocked.

Tree roots are one of these. Tree roots love to stay in cool and wet places. Roots try to get into the pipe through the joint or any loose point and spread in the pipe. This affects the diameter of the flow path. Whatever the reason, if you get a blocked pipe, hardly anything will pass through that. This will also create an unhealthy environment in your home.

Dr.Draino with long experience, believes that sorting a problem from the start point is an effective policy.

We use modern drain cleaning machines to fix blocked pipe.

Blocked Sinks

Blocked sinks are a pretty common household problem that can be easily fixed.

Your sink gets blocked?

Not a problem at all we are here to find the cause of the blockage and remove it very swiftly. It’s not a good idea to wait too long until the problem gets worse.

With our help your blocked sinks will be working perfectly without any doubt !!

We have many tools at our disposal to fix blocked sinks quickly. Our engineers are skilled to spot the reason of a blockage and choose the proper tools for the job, so rest assured your sink or basin is in safe hands.

Blocked Shower

This is an embarrassing situation if you get a blocked shower. If the shower is blocked, water will not pass through the shower or drain easily, most of the time water starts gathering on the floor.

There are few reasons behind the cause of a blocked showe :

  • Hair is a one of the most common reasons of causing a blocked shower
  • Excess hair with soap together that gradually reduces the surface of the pipe. If this occurs, than you will get a blocked shower